Step Inside The Shelter

Step Inside The Shelter With a considered selection of both local and international (New Zealand exclusive) brands, the interior layout of The Shelter is constantly evolving, allowing each new brand or piece to determine our next direction. We had local photographer Andre Kong come in and document our most recent set up for us, which celebrates our lush and sunny courtyard, the interesting and inspiring merchandising done by our wonderful retail staff, a highly coveted homeware selection, and great local coffee... Unspecified 2 Unspecified 4 Unspecified 5 Unspecified 6 A95I9972 Unspecified 7 Unspecified 8 2V6A9123 Unspecified 9 Unspecified 36 Unspecified 10 Unspecified 11 Unspecified 35 2V6A8640 Unspecified 12 2V6A9192 Unspecified 14 Unspecified 15 Unspecified 16 Unspecified 17 Unspecified 18 2V6A8431 Unspecified 19 Unspecified 34 Unspecified 20 Unspecified 21 Unspecified 31 Unspecified 22 2V6A8747 Unspecified 23 Unspecified 25 Unspecified 26 Unspecified 27