Whitecliffe Graduate Installation

To celebrate the 2019 graduates from Whitecliffe College, we have three installations currently displayed at The Shelter.

Each of the three designers have chosen a few highlight pieces from their collections to exhibit for the coming weeks.

Bianca Lim-Yip B.Y.E Trans-seasonal .20

'In a conceptual and expressive manner, B.Y.E. is my form of self-reflection and preparation for life after graduation. Drawing on ideas of spatial concepts and uniformity, this collection philosophically explores the fears and excitement I have for the future. The goal of representing the fashion industry's 'new generation', holds me to an even greater responsibility for operating sustainably. Ideas of reutilisation, transparency and longevity are placed alongside conceptual elements, embodying her core design principles of sustainability and self-expression.'

Thomas Munday 56 - A Self-Supporting Squirrel Cage S/S .20

'So apparently by 2050 the world is going to be on its last legs. However, strap on in and wipe off that upper brow, because I present to you - THE END OF THE WORLD. This repellent gang of trash bandits are here to put your hearts at ease. No need for slow fashion or cradle to cradle clothing when you can just adorn yourself in the remnants of our 21st century march with consumerism. Chin up sweetie! The end never looked so good!'

Yvette Luo Walk on Memories S/S .20

'This collection is about mystery and protection. It was influenced by the Chinese traditional hat called 'Mì Lí' and elements of Han costumes from the Tang dynasty, such as the U collar and Ruqun. I wanted to create a feeling of east meets west. Red and purple are the main significant colours of my collection. The Mì Lí hat is an important element of my collection as it reflects the concept of protection. Together these colours and design details convey a sense of mystery.'