Designer Profile: Daniel Palillo

Designer Profile: Daniel Palillo Daniel Palillo is a Helsinki-based fashion designer with a penchant for the monstrous and the symbolic. In a world of his own, Palillo has explored oversized silhouettes, anthropomorphic motives and three-dimensional structures throughout the eponymous label’s collections since 2006. Palillo’s signature techniques include the use of patchworks, cutouts and pencil graphics. To him, clothes essentially appear as canvases. He creates them like he was writing a diary, or a storyboard: painting a picture of everyday lived experiences in a sequence of garments, continuing from one season to the next. Working in a spontaneous manner, Palillo is said to design approximately three pieces of clothing per day. The Daniel Palillo label is sold in selected shops around the world. It has recently been featured in media such as Vogue, I.D., Elle, WAD Magazine, VICE, and The Fader and spotted on celebrities from Lady Gaga to Santigold, Jessie Jay and Noel Fielding.

Check out the interview done recently for Children of Vision below:

Right now the time is? 17.05 and where abouts in the world are you? Hakaniemi, Helsinki, Finland. Date of birth: 07. January 1981 Label name: Daniel Palillo Year label started: Spring/Summer 08 What do you make and what inspires it? Random things. Things around me. It can be pretty much anything. The ultimate Daniel Palillo lady or gent is? Daniel Palillo Describe your personal style: I wear only Daniel Palillo. So I wear the things I like the best. Most exciting fashion moment: Still searching for it. What song always gets you on the dance floor? Part time punks. Television Personalities. Shoot, Shag and Marry? Me, My self and I. In Auckland we take our coffee and food VERY seriously, where's your favourite place to get both in Helsinki? Lately I have been going to Good Life Coffee and Sandro. Both in Kallio, Helsinki. What's a local Finnish delicacy? Karjalanpiirakka. Which are Karelian pasties or Karelian pies, traditional pasties from the region of Karelia. Today they are eaten throughout Finland. Complete this sentence, I had a vision... and my vision was different.

Daniel Palillo is stocked at the Children of Vision store within a store at The Shelter.

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