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Symetria | Your First Look

Today we launch SYMETRIA online and in store at The Shelter. Consciously produced in New Zealand, this new direction is new to the fold of Vicki Taylor (of taylor). Having been immersed in fashion for over 20 years building coveted stories and designing successful collections for the NZ market, Vicki is turning her attention to sharing her unique perspective with a growing international clientele. 

A calm and confident exploration of form, SYMETRIA is derived from geometric and linear inspirations. Navigating the relationship between fluidity and geometric strength, the experimental nature of SYMETRIA is grounded in wearable pragmatism characteristic of the brand's antipodean home. 

 Each garment is designed with longevity in mind, created with multipurpose usage that invites the wearer to explore, personalise and prolong the life cycle of each piece. Unexpected fabric combinations masterfully crafted with considered details in confident sulhouettes are the key elements that define the SYMETRIA brand. 

You can shop the collection online here and in store at The Shelter.